December 23, 2021

Work From Home Tattoos


For many people, the last two years have been a transition from office life to a work-from-home schedule or a hybrid role that consists of both office and WFH. While there are some downsides to working from your kitchen table, (relatives in interrupting presentations anyone?) there are also some major benefits. Tattoos have seen a major resurgence during the pandemic due to people wanting to express themselves and now have the opportunity to do so from the comfort of their homes. 


In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways that tattooing has become popular for the work-from-home crowd.  We’ll also discuss how this may be the perfect time for Sage Tattoo and Gallery to help you get started on that tattoo coverup you’ve always wanted or your next tattoo. 

Adjusting to the Home Office

By now, most people have adjusted to their work at home lifestyle and invested in a good office chair (no more couch!) and found ways of making their home office comfortable to work in. In this big adjustment, and as we realize that many people may never return to the office, some major opportunities come to light. 

Save on Travel and Commuting

Many people have also noticed how much money they save by not commuting to work every day, whether it is on transit or from gas and parking. This adds up to a huge bonus over the course of a year, even if you have to make the occasional trip into the office. There’s also the time you save. No more hour+ commute to and from work every day giving you an extra 10 hours a week. Now you can roll out of bed and be in the office in a matter of seconds and have more time to spend on leisure activities or with your family. 


Comfortable Working Clothes

Another huge benefit of working from home is the comfortable attire that replaces formal office clothing. Hello, comfy sweats and PJs and goodbye dress pants. Sales of jogging pants and hoodies have shot through the roof as workers everywhere ditch their suits and blazers. Many experts think that this may lead to a less formal professional environment overall. 


Opportunity To Express Who You Are

With working from home, and the current global pandemic causing all of us to reevaluate our lives, more people have time to reflect on what is important to them and how to express who they are. You can see people differently when you see them in their own space and this has opened up perceptions about work and life balance and what workers need to be happy in a job. 


Even working at home gives employers a chance to see their employees in their natural settings – at home. While this has led to a huge download of zoom background filters, it’s also shown that people are individuals and not just nameless workers in ways we’ve never seen before. 


For some folks, this freedom and time means more people are embracing the opportunity to get tattoos they’ve been thinking about for years without the pressures of being in an office environment and fear of being judged. Working at home gives many people the time and freedom to get the tattoo they’ve been dreaming about for years. 


As tattoo parlours began to open up this past spring, most are seeing a rush of business as clients flock to get a new tattoo or to expand on ones they’ve already started. Many people coming in are new clients who’ve been inspired by seeing inked people online and want their own permanent design. 


Time To Heal

If you’ve been considering a tattoo coverup, a bigger piece or a tattooed area that you generally have covered, you may have been put off by the healing time required and work constraints. Without having to go into the office, you can get your work done and also heal up comfortably at home, allowing your tattoo to breathe and having it uncovered or in non-professional work clothes that allow it to be open during the day. 


A huge benefit for tattoo lovers is the opportunity to stay at home during your tattoo healing process. You can wear comfortable loose fitting clothing instead of hiding your new ink underneath dress shirts and uncomfortable or tight clothing. This allows for a better healing process overall and lets you get over the uncomfortable tattoo scabbing and shedding phases from the comfort of your own home, instead of in a corporate boardroom. yuck.


More Expressive Tattoos

Working at home has also given people the inspiration to get more elaborate and larger tattoos and images. While size may have been a factor before – either to cover up the tattoo or because of the healing time required, now workers have the freedom to embrace who they are and the tattoos that reflect this. 


Other people may feel the need to mark this time with something more permanent. The pandemic has given us all time to reflect and tattoos can also be a helpful way to mark the passage of time or to grieve for people and things we’ve lost.  


Some people may have decided on larger tattoos because they had to wait while parlours were closed due to public health restrictions. Now that tattoo and piercing shops are open, they’re excited to take the plunge and get inked or help you schedule in a time.


If you are considering a new work from home tattoo, we at Sage Tattoo and Gallery would love to help you find the ideal piece of art for your body. We are a tattoo shop in Ottawa with years of experience creating body art for those wanting to express themselves. Check out our website for more information on booking and get in touch today to make an appointment for tattoos or body piercings.