November 29, 2021

What Is An Industrial Piercing?


Far from a simple earring stud at the mall, an industrial piercing is a bold, attention-grabbing look. In this post, we’ll discuss the details of industrial piercing and things you need to know about aftercare and pain. We’ll also look into some celebrities who have industrial piercing as inspiration for your next body modification.

What is an Industrial Piercing?

Simply put, an industrial piercing is a piercing through the ear that joins two holes in the ear cartilage with one barbell sitting across the inner ear. It can be simple and “industrial looking” with a titanium barbell and metal ends or customized with diamond studs and a gold bar. The look is up to you and can be as individual as you are.

Different Types of Industrial Piercings

While you can get industrial piercing jewelry to fit every style, it is essential to make sure that you are using high-quality jewelry for your piercing. This is because an industrial piercing can take four to six months to heal and even longer if the holes are infected, be very mindful of the healing process if there was an infection. It is essential that you use high-quality metal for your piercing.

Here are a few examples of industrial piercing jewelry:

  • Jewel Encrusted – customize the metal rod with gemstones or beads built into it or add jewels to the ends of your piercing for some extra bling.
  • Simple Design – a barbell made from titanium or stainless steel and simple round ends are the traditional jewelry of an industrial piercing.
  • Arrow – Go for the shot with Cupid’s arrow look with an industrial piercing in the shape of an arrow.
  • Two different types of Jewelry – to change it up, you could even use two separate pieces of jewelry in each hole instead of a single bar once the holes have healed.
  • Anything You Want – there are endless possibilities and styles of jewelry to choose from, so find one that fits your personality.

How Painful Are Industrial Piercings?

It is important to remember that these types of piercings go through the ear cartilage where there are fewer nerve endings, so it is not as sensitive a spot as other parts of the body. That said, you do need to get two holes pierced, so be prepared for double the needles.

It is also essential to work with experienced piercing professionals who know how to properly align industrial piercings and do cartilage ear piercings. If the holes are not aligned, they can cause irritation, be more painful and take longer to heal as the metal rod pushes against the hole.

This archetype of piercings is also more likely to cause keloids, a medical term for a raised scar that occurs after the skin heals. This is more likely to occur if the holes are not correctly aligned, so be sure to work with an experienced piercer, like the ones at Sage Tattoo and Piercing, to reduce the risk.

It is also important to properly care for your piercing. You should clean the area with saline solution twice a day and always wash your hands with soap and water before cleaning your piercing. Try not to play with your piercing or touch it without cleaning your hands and avoid sleeping on your industrial piercing as this can pull on the healing holes and cause more irritation. You should also leave the original jewelry in until the holes are completely healed.

Celebrities With Industrial Piercings

IF you are looking for more inspiration for an industrial piercing, many celebrities have added a piercing to their style game.

  • Actress, cookbook author, and tv host Ayesha Curry wears an industrial piercing and three small earrings in her upper lobe.
  • Rapper, songwriter, and internet star Danielle Bregoli wears an industrial piercing in her right ear.
  • Beauty and fashion blogger and model Amanda Steele wears an industrial piercing in her left ear.
  • Willow Smith, also known as WILLOW, also wears an industrial piercing.

If you are looking for a creative piercing on your ear lobes, ear canal, or any other body piercing, book an appointment at our piercing studio with the experienced piercers at Sage Tattoo and Piercing. We can help you find the right jewelry for your style and answer any questions about your piercing. Come talk to us today!