Getting a tattoo can often be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it’s your first piece of ink. 

All tattoos begin with an idea, and it takes a skilled hand to translate that idea into art. But how do you determine what makes a grand tattoo parlour? We’ll go over a quick checklist to follow to ensure you’re getting the best service, whether getting a tattoo in Ottawa or anywhere else in Canada or worldwide.

Start with Research on the Tattoo and Piercing Shop

The best source to use is always friends and family who have a tattoo with a style you dig. Ask them where they got it and what the experience was like for them. 

If they’re happy with the work, they could connect you directly with a shop or artist. 

The following best resource is, of course, is the internet. Search shops near you and go through their website and reviews. Carefully reading what customers have said can give you an idea of the shop’s kind of place and its popularity. 

Also, be sure to check out your chosen artist’s work or portfolio. A tattoo is a piece of art you’ll carry around forever, so it’s essential to fall in love with an artist’s work.

Visit the Tattoo Shop and See Their Unique Style

After you’ve done your research, the only way to learn more is to visit the shop itself. 

The best way to determine your feelings about a place is to see it with your own eyes. Some shops are appointment only, especially in pandemic times – give them a call first!

A good tattoo shop should be uncluttered and look squeaky clean. While cleanliness is the most important thing, a tattoo shop should also have a sense of fun to it. You want somewhere that you’ll feel comfortable in to have your best tattoo experience.

This is also where you can ask questions to get the last bits of information you need before you get inked. 

Questions Before Creating Your Custom Tattoo 

If the tattoo shop employees are friendly, it’s time to ask questions to get the complete picture of their business. 

Here are a few questions to get you started.

  1. Ask them to go over their tattooing process. This can help reduce anxiety. It’s also good to see if the shop mentions their disinfection processes and how they explain aftercare.
  2. Ask to see their equipment. This can let you check the sanitation levels as well – tattoo shops should never be reusing needles and cartridges. 
  3. Ask about their art style. Most tattoo artists will be enthusiastic in discussing this, and you can get a better idea of their style will click with you.
  4. Ask about your tattoo idea. A good tattoo artist will turn this around and start asking you questions about your concept to help turn it into a solid plan. 

Need a Trustworthy Tattoo Shop in Ottawa? Trust Sage!

Sage Tattoo and Art Gallery is a premium Ottawa-based tattoo shop with friendly, knowledgeable staff and a dedication to creating striking tattoo art and design. 

Getting a tattoo can be a celebratory, fun or even scary experience for a newbie. We understand this and are happy to work with you to ensure your tattoo concept becomes a reality and heals with pride so that you can enjoy your artwork forever! Contact us today.