November 29, 2021

Tongue Piercings: Pros and Cons


Before you decide to bite the bullet on getting a tongue piercing, you might want to become more familiar with the pros and cons associated with one. There are many different advantages and disadvantages that come with the procedure, the healing period, and just living with one in general.

Tongue Piercing Pros:

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your tongue piercing, then here are some pros and cons that can hopefully help you decide.

They heal quickly.

Your tongue allows you to do many different things with your mouth. Every day it helps you chew, swallow and even blow bubbles. It also is responsible for your ability to pronounce words and speak, and it has the awesome ability to heal very quickly.

While it’s true that for the first few days your tongue piercing might feel awkward. You won’t want to schedule your tongue piercing if you have a presentation the next day. However, within only a month your piercing will be more or less healed. If you have followed your piercer’s instructions for aftercare and practiced good oral hygiene then your healing time will be pretty short. Nevertheless, tongues heal very fast so you shouldn’t worry about your oral health. Try eating soft food for a little while until you fully recover, especially if the piercing is at the tip of your tongue.

Fairly painless during piercing.

Many clients say that getting their tongue pierced isn’t painful at all, but rather it’s the healing process that is the most painful part of getting a tongue piercing.

They can be quite discreet.

Unlike many other types of piercings on the body, like facial piercings, tongue piercings can be pretty difficult for an observer to see. Unless you stick out your tongue regularly at other people, your coworkers, family members or even some friends might not even notice that you have one.

You can opt for expressive jewelry pieces or simple.

As far as different types and styles of jewelry, your tongue ring can be just as expressive as you. You can get barbells for your tongue piercing that are colourful or eclectic. They can come in a wide range of witty or obscene themes, or even pleasure-inducing combinations. Many people love the variety of tongue jewelry available, it can be one of their favorite aspects of having a tongue piercing.

Tongue Piercing Cons

As with any other type of piercing, tongue piercings can come with their disadvantages.

Possible oral pain and dental damage (if you play with it too much / bite it often).

This might not come as a surprise, but there are a lot of dentists out there who frown upon tongue (or lip) piercings. This is because they have the potential to cause some long-term damage to your teeth and mouth if you’re the type to play with it and knock it against your teeth often. Some people who have tongue piercings feel pain in their gums or lower teeth occasionally. Or sometimes get an achy feeling at the roof of their mouth from the metal barbell hitting it. Keep this in mind if you care a lot about your dental health.

Can possibly change your speech patterns.

While it doesn’t bother most people, some are incredibly bothered by the way that their tongue piercing changes the way their speech sounds. The level this happens might not affect every individual the same way, but it can bother others a lot more. Some people feel as if they need to enunciate more and put more effort into their speech than usual.

Can possibly get stuck in food / hard to eat certain types of food.

Right after you get your tongue pierced there are some foods that you should avoid until it’s healed. This includes hot and spicy food since it can cause a lot of irritation at the piercing site. You should also try and avoid any foods that have a sticky texture to them because they can be difficult to clear away from the piercing. Be sure to cleanse using an antimicrobial mouthwash after eating.

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