We’ve all heard it. The unsolicited criticism from our family or nosey friends who feel the unyielding need to tell us that “Tattoos will look bad once you age”. Well, turns out that is a complete myth. Depending on the style and the location of your tattoo, your tattoos are only going to age like fine wine.

But, if you’re really concerned with how your tattoo will look over time, there are certain types of tattoos that hold up better than others, or tattoos that age well. Here are a few recommendations from our tattoo artists here at Sage Tattoos.

Tattoos in places with little friction

In general, if you take care of your skin well, chances are your tattoos will be well taken care of as a by-product. Be sure that you are staying as hydrated and moisturized as you can. This helps your skin age a lot better. But there’s no avoiding time and gravity, being exposed to the sun, and as we age, your body changes and so will your tattoos.

Placement is one important factor in making sure that your tattoo stays looking fresh for as long as possible. Areas of the body that are “high-friction” zones can include your hands, feet or other places that come into contact with a lot of friction. It will also depend on the type of lifestyle that you have, so take some time to consider what physical activities and exercises you do and what type of clothing you wear before you commit to an area of your body you want to tattoo.

If you’re undecided or indecisive, you can always ask your tattoo artist for their opinion. But, in general there are some parts of the body that see less use or friction. These include flatter areas of the body such as the flat space on the forearm, your upper arms or shoulders, your back and your thighs. Tattoos in these areas will generally have the longest lasting tattoos that are able to withstand the test of time.

Greyscale tattoos

One of the best palettes for a tattoo you want to last long is to get it in black or in greyscale. In general, the pigment found in black and greyscale tattoos will last pretty long in the skin without fading. This is why watercolour tattoos are generally frowned upon, as they won’t be able to last long due to the combination of transparency used for this tattoo style. When thinking about what design you want for your tattoo, definitely think about the colour choices you incorporate as part of the bigger picture as well, to help achieve a longer lasting tattoo. 

Tattoo touch ups

Short & long-term tattoo aftercare is vital to maintaining the vibrancy of your body art. Depending on the location of your tattoo, touch ups cost can range from $100 to over $1000. Make sure to inform your tattoo artist about the details of your body art so they can prepare the required ink before your touch up session.

Additionally, to make your next touch up experience fly by, avoid receiving sun damage on your tattoos as much as possible. Sun exposure can lead to the colour of your tattoo being sapped even quicker than just sweating and your skin rubbing.

Getting tattooed on the right layer of skin

Going to a professional tattoo artist with the right expertise is crucial in the quest for long lasting ink. Many artists will agree that if you are settling for a tattoo shop that’s a little cheaper, you will be missing out on quality. Precision and skill are two main factors that will determine whether or not your tattoo will age like wine, or whether it will age as milk. Also make sure to listen to the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist.

The appearance of your tattoo will depend on your artist’s skill. The tattoo should lay on the proper layer of your skin, this layer is known as the dermis and it is only one millimeter thick. Making sure that the needle consistently hits the one-millimeter layer will need precision. If the artist goes in too deep with it, it will cause the ink to blow out and what are supposed to be clean lines will look sloppy in a shorter amount of time.

Make sure you do plenty of research on your potential artist and the tattoo shop you are going to beforehand. 

Want to Get a Tattoo That Lasts?

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