The stomach can be an empty canvas that’s a great space to place a large tattoo piece. People often get their stomachs done if they have run out of real estate and need a large place to make a beautiful idea come to life. It can be the bridge between other designs on your body that pulls everything together beautifully or a one off design that will stand out among others.

Stomach tattoos to bridge together other designs

As people continue to get tattoos, they sometimes find that they end up with gaps between them that they might want to fill later on, or want to fill in now. In many cases, the stomach is one of the last areas to get tattooed, as their arms, legs, chest or back start to get filled. The stomach can be the final frontier to close the gaps between tattoo designs on the body. 

Some might find it weird having bare space right on their stomachs. In this way, stomach tattoos can help bridge other tattoo designs together. These are known as ‘gap filler’ tattoos. These can also be used in the small spaces between tattoos in other areas of the body, not just the stomach. 

Since your stomach is such a large canvas, you can really use the space to tie in a lot of the main concepts of the tattoos on your body to create a cohesive tattoo which incorporates all of their elements. 

Symbolic tattoos after pregnancy

Getting a tattoo on the stomach can help you symbolize your pregnancy. It is a very personal spot, where other people most likely won’t see unless you want to show it off. Maybe you want to mark the end of a chapter or the start of a new beginning, and depending on your design you can convey any of these messages with your tattoo in your stomach area. 

One thing to keep in mind is that scarred tissue or tattooing over stretch marks  can be a little difficult as the skin cannot hold onto ink as well as normal skin. Your tattoo artist should go over the details with you before you begin the process of tattooing. 

Stomach tattoos to cover loose skin

Many individuals will experience weight gain or weight loss during their lifetime, some more than others. But, unlike fat or baby weight, any extra skin left behind will not be able to be melted away by exercise or dieting. Some people might not like the appearance of their stomachs after they lose a significant amount of weight where looser skin is left behind. In these cases, they may opt to get a tattoo in order to cover it up or to make them feel confident again by putting a beautiful piece of art on their body. 

Be sure that you work with a reputable tattoo artist and shop for your belly tattoo. Find an artist whose style you really love and go in for a consultation to see if you click. They can take a look at your stomach and should be able to tell you what will work and what won’t for your situation. Any experienced tattoo artist will want to create something that will look good, so it’s good to take their advice and be prepared for them to let you know that tattooing over certain areas might not work. 

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