A stomach tattoo is an excellent choice for a beautiful piece of tattoo art. Today, we’ll detail everything from how to conceptualize the right tattoo with the right tattoo artist or if it’s possible for a stomach tattoo to cover a surgical scar. 

Plus, there should be some consideration about weight gain, pregnancy and other ways your waistline can change a stomach tattoo over time. 

Tips for Designing A Lower Stomach Tattoo You’ll Love

Tattoos are forever! So make sure you go with a design that you love. 

Below you’ll find a few recommendations that can help you design the right tattoo with the right tattoo artist.

  • Conduct adequate research about the styles and design you want, include inspiration photos in a folder that you can show to your tattoo artist.
  • Have a list of questions ready to ask your tattoo artist during your first orientation with them. 
  • Look for a tattoo artist who already tattoos in a similar or the exact style you want.
  • It’s also essential to research the different tattoo shops in your area so you can see their good reputation.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be on the right track to designing the tattoo of your dreams. 

Cover Up Tattoos For Scars on Stomach

It is possible to get a lower stomach tattoo to cover up a scar, such as a Caesarean or C-section, or cover up stretch marks. Do keep in mind that tattooing over scar tissue is more challenging to work with than intact skin. This is an area where a tattoo artist needs to be skilled to see consistently good results. 

Many things can cause stretch marks, such as pregnancy, or they can also occur with rapid weight loss or weight gain in men and women. What happens is the skin becomes stretched and torn, then your body’s healing process starts to repair the damaged area, leaving behind scars known as stretch marks. 

Things to Consider Before Getting Your Hip Stomach Tattoo

When talking about painful tattoos, the stomach ranks pretty high. Up there alongside the rib cage, it’s one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo. 

If there isn’t a lot of muscle, there won’t be anything there to provide a solid backing to hold the skin down. Also, it will be harder to get a good stretch on the skin: this means the tattooing procedure will be more uncomfortable. 

There will also be a risk of distortion of your stomach tattoo over time. This can be due to any changes to your belly as you age, such as putting on weight or losing muscle mass. 

Tattoos can adjust to gradual, small changes in your body; however, pregnancy can cause you to gain weight rapidly and result in stretch marks that can distort your design. At the same time, rapid weight loss can also result in undesirable changes to your tattoo. 

It’s also important to know that you may be a bit nauseous while getting your stomach tattooed. You might want to take some antacids before your sessions to help calm your stomach during the process.

If you know you will have any type of abdominal surgery in the future, you should wait until after the surgery. Most people choose to wait to ensure the new ink doesn’t result in the tattoo changing.

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