Some of our most cherished memories are from childhood video games. Games that inspired some people to seek careers in the gaming industry. And games that were a blast to play with family and friends. This can easily be turned into a sleeve tattoo design whether you’re finishing one-off or starting fresh with this concept in mind

There are so many video game tattoos out there in the world, in fact, video games and tattoos have a lot in common since both of them have gone from a niche interest to mainstream relatively quickly in the last 30 years. 

Many avid gamers understand that video games aren’t just a hobby; they’re a lifestyle! And can even be an obsession. This is almost exactly the same thing that tattoo collectors say about the art on their body. 

Gamer tattoos can have several different themes, or be based on a specific game or character from a game. The industry has really exploded to include hundreds and thousands of different franchises, like Halo, and many video games have original designs that make a pretty hip tattoo or sleeve idea.

Whether you are looking to bring back the charm of the eighties arcade games, or you want to go for modern-day hyper-realistic titles, you can definitely find a sleeve design that matches your preferences.

Nintendo Tattoos

The Nintendo world is a rich one indeed. Basically, everyone knows who Mario and Luigi are, or have seen the gameplay of The Legend of Zelda, and of course, Super Mario. Just these three titles are enough for endless design ideas when it comes to a black and grey sleeve idea. 

You can choose to just dedicate your sleeve to one of these titles, like Mario, or you can mix and match your favourite characters from your all-time favourite Nintendo games. Plus, the characters and worlds that were created for these games will give you a vibrant arm tattoo that is bursting with colour, if that’s your style for video game tattoos. 

Nintendo remains one of the most popular franchises that tattoo lovers opt for when looking for inspiration for their tattoo sleeve design. 

Video Game Controllers and Consoles

Sometimes, you can’t just pick one gaming title or franchise to get immortalized on your body. But, maybe you had a favourite type of video game console growing up, or you have dedicated your gaming to Playstation or Xbox. Whatever the case may be, you can definitely get a black ink sleeve design drafted for that. 

You can choose to have the console itself tattooed, or your favourite controller. Or, maybe you have certain accessories and setups that you simply can’t play without. You can get all of these elements included in your design and more. 

Retro Game Inspired Tattoos

Maybe you’re an old head when it comes to video games and you want to relive your glory days back in those eighties arcades. Well, there is definitely a lot of inspiration out there for you to choose from to get body art. From PacMan to Pong, you can create an incredibly interesting retro-styled sleeve tattoo that will have you feeling nostalgic. 

You can go the realistic route with your retro tattoos, or even go with the pixelated art that they are known for. The options can be endless, and you can even opt to mix up different elements, bringing the old and the new together to form a cohesive sleeve design.

Some other popular retro video games include Donkey Kong, Tetris, Sonic the Hedgehog, Metroid or Mortal Kombat. 

Are You Ready to Show Your Love for Gaming?

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