November 29, 2021

Reasons Why People Get A Body Piercing


Body piercing spans thousands of years as a tradition across cultures all around the globe. But even with its cultural background, many people still wonder why people are getting them to this day. Just like any other type of expression or body modification, the reason an individual gets a piercing can be as unique as they are. Over centuries, the reasons for getting a piercing can range from cultural and religious beliefs to showing off your personal style.

Reason #1: They follow a certain tradition.

In specific cultures, certain body piercings/body art is a part of their culture or tradition. In many Asian cultures, a nose piercing can represent a rite of passage. This piercing can be given during the transition to adulthood for young men or women, and in some cases, it will never be removed.

Many of these traditions are still going strong and you can see them in practice even today. In Pacific Island cultures, there is the practice of ritual body modification which includes both tattoos, piercings, and body jewelry. These cultures can be the center of the modern primitive and tribal movements which use piercings in a similar fashion.

Reason #2: They like the aesthetics of the piercing.

One of the most common reasons behind getting a body piercing is that the wearer simply likes the way it looks. Anesthetic attraction to piercings has roots in pop culture, but it’s up to the individual where and how they want to get pierced. Typically, when individuals are asked why they got their body piercings, they will give their personal opinions and feelings about their piercings and point out how important it is to express themselves and your own opinions.

Reason #3: Because of popular culture.

It’s no secret that popular culture has and continues to have an influence on the culture of body modification, including how society feels about piercings overall. Actors, musicians, models all help to glorify the art of piercing by displaying their body mods visibly in person and online. Piercings trends have included belly button piercings, labret piercings or cartilage piercings which have all been displayed by pop culture icons in the past few decades. The popularity of piercings has risen quite a bit among younger adults and younger generations.

Reason #4: To commemorate a special memory or milestone in life.

Just like tattoos, piercings can be a symbol to mark a special point in their life, or it can serve as a memorial to a loved one. It can also mark a special achievement, or be a reminder of a good memory. In some cases, a piercing can symbolize an empowering symbol of a traumatic event in someone’s life that they have overcome. Since piercings are generally less permanent than tattoos, they can be a great alternative to tattoos, they can be a good choice for those that aren’t yet ready to commit to long-term ink.

No matter what the reason is for getting a tattoo or piercing, an individual’s decision to get a body modification can be an incredibly personal decision. It’s important to remember that when asking or questioning other people’s body modifications since sometimes a personal choice can cause negative feelings or conflict. It’s important to be sensitive to this. No matter what the reason is for someone getting a piercing, remember that it is a personal choice. This will help you better understand the body modification community.

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