December 29, 2021

Piercing Ideas That Look Great On Any Guy


The holidays are upon us and what better time to explore some piercing ideas to add some extra glam to your holiday season! Especially if holiday parties are limited again this year, why not add some extra bling to your life and up your piercing game? 


Many men are interested in piercing but aren’t sure what will look good on them, or what kind of piercing would work best for them. Should they go for a nipple ring if they play a lot of contact sports? Is a nose ring considered professional? What kind of piercing looks best? Here we will break down some popular piercings to help you decide what kind of piercing is best for you. In this post, we’ll take a look at some inspirational piercing ideas for me to help you look and feel your best. 


Ear Lobe Piercing

The ear lobes are the classic piercing location for a reason. You can choose to pierce one lobe on either side, go for both lobes or even extend the piercings to the rest of your ear if you are feeling adventurous. Ear lobes are also easy to clean and one of the least painful locations to have pierced. Ear lobes are a great place to start if you are feeling unsure or want to just test the piercing waters. 


You also have a huge amount of jewelry options for ear lobe piercings and you can choose from studs, hoops or even different metals like Titanium Bezel Set in a Rose Cut White Topaz which we carry at Sage Tattoo and Gallery. Find jewelry that matches your style and taste. A stud is best while your piercing is healing. 


So what exactly is a helix piercing? Well, follow your ear up from your lobe around the outer edge to your ear cartilage. A standard helix piercing is done in the upper cartilage of your ear but you can also have forward helix – which is all the way around to where your ear attaches to your head or backward helix or even double or triple helix – which is just more than one hole in the same location. 


Actor, Timothée Chalamet recently showed off his double helix piercing of two metal black hoops at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival that sent the internet into a frenzy. 

Nose Piercing

A nose piercing is another popular piercing location for men. Around the world, men pierce their noses and septums for religious or cultural reasons but they are very common for men in North America. You can find nose piercing jewelry to match your style and choose from something more bold to an understated stud or small hoop. 

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings require follow-up extra care and attention during the lengthy healing time, so if you get one be sure you are ready for the commitment. They also tend to be more painful than other piercings because of the number of sensitive nerve endings in the nipples – this is also the reason why many men get their nipples pierced because of the heightened sensitivity. Be sure your piercer is experienced and only uses a sterilized needle and not a piercing gun. 


It is always important to have your nipple piercing and any new piercing, done by a professional piercing parlour with experience in the type of piercing you are interested in. Sage Piercing offers quality sterilized jewelry that won’t irritate your skin or turn it green. We also use only sterilized disposable needles for piercing, never a piercing gun. Men who are looking for some piercing inspiration can visit Sage Piercing in Ottawa to up their piercing game. Look and feel your best and book an appointment today.