Can a novice tattoo artist ever measure up to one with tenure and experience? 

The short answer is: it depends. A new tattoo artist with artistic talent, incredible skill, and the charisma to boot can be just as good, if not better than a tenured artist – but won’t have the portfolio to prove this. 

This article will discuss how to choose the right artist, when experience does or does not matter, and how a trustworthy parlour can connect you with the best artist for your tattoo needs. 

Creating Custom Art: What Experience Can Do For You

There are certainly benefits to getting an experienced tattoo artist. 

Whenever anyone looks up “tattoo artist near me,” they hope that they’ll come across someone who can make their ink idea a reality with little fuss. 

Experience does bring many benefits to the table. Firstly, it’s easier to get an exact idea of what you are getting with an experienced tattoo artist: this all comes down to the portfolio. When a tattoo artist has an extensive portfolio, you can get a perfect idea of the quality you can expect for your tattoo. 

You’ll also find that many experienced tattoo artists start to specialize in certain types of ink (coloured vs. black and white) or in certain styles. If you’re attached to a particular style with tattoos, you may want to bring in an expert. 

There are other benefits to an experienced tattoo artist beyond just their mastery of their craft. An experienced inker will complete their pieces much faster, making them ideal for someone who has a grand plan for a lot of ink. They also can give you better peace of mind when it comes to getting inked. 

They’ll also be very familiar with things like tattoo healing and aftercare and can give you the peace of mind only an expert can provide. 

What About Newer Artists for Works of Art?

Everyone has to start somewhere. If we only ever used tattoo artists with an extensive portfolio, there would be no way for newer artists to break in. 

Just because an artist has a smaller portfolio, you shouldn’t assume that they’re unskilled. 

Nearly all tattoo artists will have an apprenticeship under their belt and the passion, or their very own ink, to prove their commitment to their industry.

There are some benefits to using a newer tattoo artist. They may not be married to a particular style, so they can be more flexible in coming up with an idea for you – but you should always make sure that they are listening to your input. 

The best advantage, usually, is that they can provide quality at a lower cost. If you have a straightforward tattoo idea (a small tattoo or just some lettering), it may be worth it to go for the newer artist. They’ll get experience, a portfolio piece, and you may just get one of their first pieces before they hit the big time, and you need to book appointment months in advance.

Trust The Studio for a Unique Style

When it comes down to it, you should only get a tattoo from someone that you trust. And this trust always starts at the studio. Any good tattoo studio will communicate with you to find the most appropriate tattoo artist for what you need. They’ll listen to your idea and pair you with a tattoo artist whose expertise level matches your concept – they won’t make a rookie artist try something outside of their comfort zone, nor will they overcharge you on something straightforward.

Want to Learn More About Tattoo and Piercing?

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