Music can mean a number of different things to a number of different people. Getting a song lyric tattooed, is a great way to keep a memory of a person, place, or a significant time in your life. There are also other ideas, like celebrating a milestone as a musician or getting a musical symbol tattooed onto you that shows off your personality and the way you like to play an instrument. Here are some ideas and meanings behind different musical tattoos. 

Symbolic Lyrics

Getting lines from your favourite songs tattooed on your skin can enhance their meaning. Song lyrics can help you describe your feelings and they can hold memories that you want to treasure at all times. Whether you’ve loved a certain song your whole life, or a new set of lyrics really spoke to you recently, getting a tattoo that represents your favourite song can be a meaningful addition or a good first time tattoo & creative design.

A lyric tattoo will give you the chance to show a little bit of yourself through your ink without needing to get a very large or detailed design. It’s pretty straight to the point, or can be. A lyric tattoo can also help you show off the love you have for your favourite band or artist, and can also help you make connections with others.

Musician Milestone

If you play an instrument, are part of a band or just really love to sing you can get a tattoo to help symbolize how far you’ve come as a musician. For example, if you’re a pianist you can get a music tattoo designed around a piano, like getting a few piano keys or even a full grand piano in your design. Many people learn to play musical instruments as they grow up, so getting music tattoo designs to represent that instrument can have a lot of meaning behind it. 

A lot of musicians also opt to go with a beautiful tattoo in the form of a musical symbol as their music tattoo of choice. For example, the f symbol for forte or “loud” can be used to symbolize a love for music as well as having a lively personality. There are dozens of other Italian words like crescendo or descendo, which are used in musical notation which can often be reimagined to symbolize different aspects of a music lover’s personality. 

Music Lover

If you are just a general music lover, there are plenty of tattoo ideas out there that you can get that show off your love for music. One example is a play button tattoo. It can be as minimalist as a simple triangle, or you can really embellish it. It symbolizes both simple and deeper meanings that can showcase your love for modern music or the fact that you spend most of your time with your headphones on. Many play button tattoo designs place the button itself in the middle of a circle. Microphone tattoos, treble clefs, and record players are all another great example of symbolic tattoo ideas that instantly displays your love for small music.

Want to Learn More About Musical Tattoos?

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