December 10, 2021

Most Expensive Piercings In The World


Body piercing is usually thought of as an affordable way to express yourself, but with luxury piercing and body jewelry, the sky’s the limit! Did you know, there are even pieces that exist that cost more than an average Canadian citizen’s monthly income. This post will explore the price of different body piercings and look at some examples of luxury body jewelry.


It is important to remember that often the cost of a piercing is separate from the cost of the jewelry that you choose, so whether you go with titanium, diamond studs or 14k gold will have a significant impact on the overall cost. The cost of a piercing will also depend on the location of your piercing and the risk and difficulty involved. Ear lobes are easy to access fairly low risk so they tend to be less expensive than a more risky or difficult piercing like a double helix or tongue piercing. 


You also need to consider the experience and expertise of your piercer. Someone with the experience and expertise to pierce more risky or difficult locations will also cost more for the service. Consider that you are paying for their expertise and skills, and you want to ensure that you are getting a quality service. 

Luxury Piercings

With body piercing becoming more popular than ever before, luxury piercings are also on the rise. Piercings with handcrafted and original jewelry created by designers creating understated and elegant styles are now very popular. And as the quality of the materials goes up, so does the price tag. 


There are also far more options for body jewelry than ever before. Now jewelry makers cater to people interested in body piercing and so there are far more options in different styles, metals, and price points. 

The Most Expensive Earrings Ever Sold

Now you probably don’t want to try these for a new ear piercing, but the most expensive earrings ever sold were a pink and blue diamond sold in 2021 at auction for $57.4 million. The earrings were named Apollo and Artemis after the Greek Gods and were actually sold separately, but the same buyer bought them.


Another piece for the record books is The Golconda Diamond earrings named for the Golconda diamond mine where they were found. They each weigh a stunning 23.11 carat. These earrings last sold at auction for a whopping 9.3 Million.

Piercing Fees

At Sage Piercing, our piercing service fees are listed on our booking page. You pay the total cost of your piercing as a deposit for the service when you book and then all you need to do is choose what jewelry you want when you arrive for your appointment. For most of our piercing services, we charge $40, but there are a few exceptions. 


For lips, cheek, and septum piercings, and most types of ear piercings, our fee is $40, plus jewelry, plus HST. A double helix piercing costs $80 plus the price of jewelry, which starts at $55 for basic implant grade titanium. Nipples cost $40 for one, or $50 for both. Genital piercing starts at $60, but you are required to book a consultation beforehand to ensure the piercing you want can be done. 


It is also essential to understand that everyone’s anatomy is different and not every piercing is suitable for every person. It is best to book a consultation with one of our experienced piercers to make sure what you want is possible for your body. If you have any questions about any piercings including lobe piercings, conch piercings, orbital piercings, or are interested in seeing our jewelry options book an appointment with Sage Piercing Ottawa today.