November 29, 2021

Jaw-Dropping Back Tattoo Ideas


The human body has a variety of areas that make great canvases for tattoos and body art, such as a full-back tattoo. There really is no canvas quite as large and wide as a man or woman’s back. This is a perfect spot to create an enormous design and flowing art piece that can take your breath away. Here are some back tattoo ideas for men and women that are absolutely jaw-dropping!

How long will it take?

If you are getting a large piece on your back, then the process will generally span over a few sessions. These sessions can be anywhere from a few hours to 12  hours long. This will depend on your pain tolerance. Typically, your tattooer will choose to outline the tattoo first before they begin doing the shading. The outline might be your first session, and you might then come back for another session to finish off the shading.

It will also depend on how complex the design itself is. If it has a lot of design details, you should expect it to span over multiple sessions. This ensures that your back tattoo won’t be rushed and that the quality is not compromised.

If the idea of going through multiple sessions does not appeal to you, then there is also the option of going for a smaller piece that can be done in one session or in a shorter amount of time. Or you can also opt for a design that doesn’t have as much detail.

Designs that don’t have any shading, blackwork, or a lot of colour will be completed in a shorter window of time, and typically within one session. Your best bet is to talk to your tattoo artist during your consultation to figure out how long your specific tattoo design will take and how many sessions you will be coming back for.

Healing / What to wear / what to avoid

Aftercare for spine tattoos or a large area can be pretty intimidating. They can be harder to reach than most other types of tattoos, they can range in size and back tattoos can also have their healing process hindered because of how the body naturally moves during the day.

If you can get someone to help you wash and moisturize your tattoo twice a day, this will be ideal. But if you only have yourself to rely on, then you will need to wash with hypoallergenic soap followed by a scent-free, gentle moisturizer.

You will want to avoid using any harsh shower accessories, like loofahs, which can cause trauma and irritation to your new tattoo. While these can help you reach your new design, they can cause problems while it heals.

You can use a mirror to make sure you are reaching all areas of your back tattoo, you might find you need to stretch and twist a little bit to be able to reach all the areas. It’s not an easy aftercare process, but knowing what you’re getting into will make things easier.

As for what you should wear, always opt for loose clothing to let your back tattoo breathe while it heals, and avoid going for tight-fitting clothing that can be restrictive and hold back the process for your skin to completely heal.

Back Tattoo Design Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own tattoo design, then take a look at some of the ideas down below.


If you love the great outdoors, you might consider getting a back tattoo that depicts the beauty of nature. Maybe you have a great memory camping in a certain location, or you want to show the kind of landscape that exists within your inner world. This is a great idea for those who love traveling to far-off lands and want to keep a piece of them with you wherever you end up. It’s like carrying a piece of your home or your heart wherever you go.

Tattoo Collages

If it’s hard for you to decide on just one thing, you can actually go for multiple different tattoo ideas on your back since it is such a large space to work with. You can stick with a certain theme, or you can combine many different ideas and things into one cohesive design.

Traditional Imagery

Old-school imagery for tattoos is one of the easiest styles to identify. If this aesthetic appeals to you, you might be interested in getting a full back piece designed in this style. As with any other tattoo design, your tattoo artist will put their own spin on the design itself.

Rose vines, flowers, & botanical tattoos

All-natural, botanical tattoos are another popular option for nature lovers. Plantlife and different flowers will typically have their own meanings, or they can hold a different meaning for many different people that can symbolize their feelings, their lives or their loved ones. Plus, they can look incredibly stunning with the right tattoo design and artists. Blending roses and skull tattoos is also a trendy look.

Ready to Get Your Own Back Tattoo Design?

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