November 29, 2021

Inspo For Leg Tattoos


When most people think of tattoos, more than likely, they imagine a traditional image on the arm like a full sleeve or smaller image or an intricate design on the back. Legs have been a less common area for a tattoo – but this is changing. Leg tattoos and lower leg tattoos are becoming more and more popular for men and women around the globe. In this post, we’ll look at some inspiring leg tattoo designs to help get you started and discuss the pros and cons of leg tattoos.

Why Leg Tattoos?

Legs offer a large 3D canvas on a less sensitive area of the body, making them an ideal location for a small tattoo or even something large and intricate like a full leg sleeve. Their location also makes it convenient to show off or cover up for work or formal occasions.

Pros and Cons of Leg Tattoos

It is essential to consider how different parts of the body react to tattoos during the tattoo process and how tattoo aftercare can affect how they heal afterward. Some parts of the body, like the wrist, are a popular spot for a small tattoo, but they can be very painful as the skin on the wrist is very delicate, and the skin on the hands doesn’t hold ink well.

Legs, on the other hand, make an excellent canvas for tattoos. They offer an extended large three-dimensional area, just like an arm, but even larger – so you can get really creative and intricate with your designs. Behind the knee can be a sensitive spot, but many people still enjoy showing off their knee tattoos. Calves also tattoo well. The skin on your lower legs is thicker and padded with muscle and tissue, so it isn’t as painful as tattooing on other body parts that are bonier.

Leg tattoos stand out in a crowd but are also easy to cover up when you need to. If you choose to go for a thigh tattoo, you can easily cover that with a pair of shorts or pants. Legs are a visible part of your body but can be easily covered up for work or a more formal setting. In this way, a leg tattoo is ideal because you can choose to show it off when you want to and then easily cover it up when you need to.

Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

We’ve put together some of our most popular leg designs to give you some inspiring ideas. Here are a few popular leg tattoo designs to help get you started.

Full Leg Tattoo

A full leg design will start at your ankle and wrap all the way around your leg to your knee and then to your thigh. Like a full arm sleeve, it is a bold choice and perfect for intricate repeating patterns or designs.

Lower Leg Tattoo

Because your leg is vertical, a lower leg tattoo that sits vertically rather than horizontally works really well. Think of an image like a tree or vines climbing upwards. Lower legs are also great for smaller tattoos or if you are getting your first tattoo.

Small Leg Tattoos

Legs are also a popular place to get small tattoos if you are more into a minimal style or if it is your first tattoo experience. You can choose an image on your calf if you want to be more visible or s more subtle location of your ankle or thigh.

Watercolour Leg Tattoos:

Watercolour style tattoos are a newer form of tattoo that uses little to no black outlines but instead uses subtle shifts of colour and gradual blending to create the image. Think of it more like a watercolour painting than an inked drawing (like a traditional tattoo). Watercolour leg tattoos work well because your leg provides ample space for the image to stand out.

Sports Team Leg Tattoos:

Show your love for your team with a sport-themed leg tattoo. You don’t have to worry about showing it off at work. You can easily cover the design up with a pair of pants or a long skirt. A sport-themed leg tattoo also lets you cut loose at the game and show off your team spirit.

Wilderness Tattoos

Because the leg provides such a sizable 3d canvas, it is a perfect spot for nature-themed tattoos. Images with intricate designs and shapes that take advantage of the space or repeat and wrap around the leg really stand out.

Video Game Leg Tattoos

Like any comic or character, video game tattoos can show off your unique personality and style. Many people feel very passionate about their favourite video games, and their characters become a vital part of their lives. Pick your favourite image from your favourite game for your leg tattoo, and let it help inspire you to get to the next level. As a leg tattoo, you have the option of showing off your style or keeping it hidden as a personal source of inspiration.

Our legs are long canvases that are full of opportunities to show off your unique creativity and style. If you are looking for more inspirational leg tattoos design ideas, visit our tattoo shop at Sage Tattoo and Piercing. Our artists would be happy to talk you through the process and help you pick out the perfect design. Contact us today to get started on your leg tattoo.