December 8, 2021

Holiday Season Body Jewelry


The holiday season is just around the corner and this means attending dinner parties, Christmas festivities, preparing for NYE and more. What better way to add in some extra sparkle to the holiday season and your outfits than to rock some beautiful body jewelry. In this post, we’ll share some of our favourite ways to ring in the holidays with body jewelry.

Go For Minimalism

For many people, the holidays are a time to get cozy and celebrate with the ones closest to them. If minimal is your style, go with a body piercing that is understated and elegant. 

Sage piercing shop offers fine piercing and luxury body jewelry that can help you achieve a stylish minimalist look perfect for a small holiday party or small family gathering. 


Choose a simple hoop for a septum piercing, or gold or silver studs for other parts of your body including a nose piercing or ear piercing. If your only piercing is an ear lobe piercing, the holidays are a great time for some pearl studs or simple gold hoops that add a bit of sparkle but keep things stylish and elegant. 

Ring in The Bling!

For some folks, holidays are a time to party and show off the bling!  A new body piercing or purchasing new body jewelry for your existing piercings can really help to up the glam for your next holiday party. Consider showing off a new belly ring with a midriff baring dress, or add a cartilage piercing or two to wear with some gold hoops. After all, if glitter and gold are more your style then the holidays are a perfect time to let it shine. Don’t be shy and get creative during this time of year to put in body jewelry that you normally wouldn’t rock during your everyday routine. 

Keep It Festive

If the holidays are your favourite time of year, why not celebrate with some festive body jewelry? While rocking your favourite ugly Christmas sweater. Consider pairing your outfit with some reindeer earrings to go through your cartilage piercings. A Christmas tree or Santa-themed septum ring could also be the perfect way to show your holiday spirit. And there’s nothing like a pair of simple Christmas lights / star earrings to ring in the holidays on your lobe ear piercing or belly button piercing. 

Gift Ideas

For friends and family members with body piercings, body jewelry makes a great gift. If you are looking for body jewelry to give as a gift this holiday season, there are a few important things to consider. 


Type of Metal – First, body jewelry is a very personal gift, so make sure you know the type of jewelry your loved one likes. It’s a good idea to consider their style and what types of metals they prefer – take a look at the other types of jewelry they wear on a regular basis if you don’t want to ask them directly.


Consider their lifestyle – if your loved one loves to play sports or leads an active lifestyle look for body jewelry that compliments their activity like a simple hoop or curved barbell that won’t get caught on clothing. 


New Jewelry – You could also buy a loved one jewelry for their next body piercing if you know what they are interested in. For these, you’ll want to make sure to buy implant-grade jewelry to ensure proper healing. 


If you live in the Ottawa area and are often looking for “piercing places near me” or body jewelry for a gift, look no further! Sage Piercing and Tattoo Shop in Ottawa is happy to welcome you in. We carry a line of high-quality and body-safe jewelry that is sure to fit every style and look. Between our handcrafted implant grade Titanium and 14k gold we have lots of different options to choose from. Give Sage Piercing a call today to book an appointment and get your body piercing in time for the holidays.