But… just how popular are butt tattoos anyway? 

Whether someone is seeking a provocative tattoo or a hidden piece of ink, this tattoo location is more common than you might think. If you’re thinking of this kind of tattoo, we’ll give you all the info you need to know – what to know before you commit, how to perform aftercare for this kind of tattoo, and if any added junk in your trunk will mess up your perfect butt ink. 

Butt Tattoo: Ideas to Reality

While butt cheek tattoos might seem like a far-out idea, there are more than a few reasons to go for it. 

Unique Tattoo Placement

Firstly, if the talented tattoo artist does a great job, it’s just plain sexy. It won’t always be visible, but you can let the fun show when you’re wearing swimsuits or underwear (or nothing at all!).

You should take some extra time to consider where the tattoo will go and how big it will be. A giant butt tattoo won’t be concealable, but you might have an idea to merge it with other tattoos you have or cover up an existing piece of ink

If you aren’t worried about being discrete, leg-sleeve tattoos that run onto the butt cheek can be very striking.

Tattoo Pain

One benefit to a butt tattoo is that they are often less painful than in other areas. Your posterior padding protects you against the pain. However, be warned – it can be ticklish!

You may also want to shave – or be prepared for the tattoo artist to shave you in a sensitive area. If they do, this doesn’t mean they’re criticizing your grooming. The butt just sometimes has very fine or tiny hairs, which can mess with getting good ink. 

Also, consider what you’ll wear to the tattoo session. You want something that you don’t mind someone else seeing, but which can provide easy access to the area you want to be inked. 

Also, you’ll have to prepare yourself for what you’ll wear after you get the ink. The area may be somewhat sore for about a couple of weeks, so maybe lay off the tight jeans.

Healing Your Hindquarter Ink

Going through the proper healing process can be complicated when a butt tattoo is involved. 

You usually want to avoid rubbing clothing against a tattoo, but this can often be somewhat complicated with a butt tattoo. 

For a bum tattoo on women, it may be better to wait for warmer months to get inked so that you can wear looser skirts or dresses.

Do you have a desk job? If so, you’ll also want to avoid sitting down on the tattoo as much as possible during the healing process, which might make it more suitable for when you have vacation days or other time off work. 

At the same time, don’t be too hasty about hitting the beach right away to show off the ink on your buns – you always want to make sure to keep tattoos out of the sun for a little while after getting them to avoid fading the colours. 

As with any tattoo, your artist and studio will be able to give you the best aftercare tips to make sure you’re safe from infection, and your tattoo looks the best it can. 

Will My Backside Ink Stretch?

There is one unfortunate aspect of getting a butt tattoo that we have to address. 

Just like getting a tattoo anywhere with a lot of fat and muscle, the tattoo may be susceptible to deforming. There are two main reasons this could happen. If your booty ever starts to get a little bigger, this could stretch out the tattoo. On the other hand, any sagging will also ruin the shape.

Once again, it’s best to ask your tattoo artist for advice. There are some ways you can mitigate this, however. 

If you’re planning to make some significant body changes, like a diet or a workout regime, you may want to wait until after to get your tattoo. It’s easier for the tattoo artist to help you out if they know the keister canvas they’ll be working to ink.

Welcome to the Bottom of This Post

At Sage Tattoo and Art Gallery, we’re pleased to operate a trustworthy tattoo shop in Ottawa with a friendly, knowledgeable, and proud team. 

If you have any questions about butt cheek tattoos or other tattoo ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you if it’s a good idea – or how to turn it into a good idea.