January 6, 2022

Dainty Piercing Ideas & Body Jewelry


While large statement jewelry and multiple piercings are great, a dainty piece of body jewelry is always a classic look and if you’re looking for some cute ear piercing ideas, this blog will explore different styles to think of. In this post, we’ll discuss why smaller piercings never go out of style and why a “less is more” take on piercing is always a cute look. 

Your First Piercing

There’s something really cute and classic about a simple lobe piercing. It’s how most people start their piercing journey and a simple stud looks great on everyone. For a first piercing, we at Sage Piercing only use high-quality and body-safe jewelry made from implant grade titanium or 14k gold to minimize allergic reactions. Studs are usually the best type of jewelry for new piercings as they are less likely to catch on clothing and are more comfortable to sleep on. 


At Sage Piercing, the age of consent will vary depending on the piercing. For most cartilage piercings on the ears, we have an age policy of over 16 years of age or over 14 years of age with a parent or guardian ID. We can pierce lobes as young as seven years of age, but this requires enthusiastic consent from the child and parent. If we feel the child is being pressured to get the piercing, we won’t do it. For questions about age requirements for a specific piercing please give Sage Tattoo Shop Ottawa a call at 613-228-8896.


In case the youngsters are thinking they can get an older friend to stand in as a parent, our policy is that parents who do not share the same last name as their child also need to have proof of legal guardianship.

Dainty Body Piercing Ideas

Dainty, minimal piercings are popular right now when folks are looking to express themselves and enhance their features instead of covering them up. It is important to choose the right piercing and the right jewelry for your features. To help get you started here are a few dainty piercing ideas.  


Curated Ear

One of the biggest trends in the last few years in body piercing is a curated ear complete with multiple lobe and cartilage piercings. The key to making it all work together is to mix and match different types of jewelry. Combine gold hoops with sparkling studs, statement pieces or a simple chain to create a stunning constellation of jewelry.



It helps to understand balance and how all the jewelry pieces will work together to create the perfect look. Part of this is understanding the right placement for your piercing. Your expert piercing technician at Sage Tattoo can help you find the right placement and the perfect jewelry piece to create the look you want. 


A Single Diamond Stud

Sometimes a single piercing can say far more than an earful, especially if it is luxury body jewelry. If it is in your budget, there’s nothing like a simple diamond stud, and consider a placement that is out of the ordinary – like higher up on the lobe, to create a bit of interest and create an original look. Simple never looked so good.  


Nose Piercing

A dainty nose piercing goes with everything from everyday looks to red carpet glam. And a small ring can highlight your features instead of overpowering them. 


If you are looking for some ideas for dainty body jewelry or luxury body jewelry, come take a look at our collection at Sage Piercing. We carry high-quality, body-safe jewelry and the total cost of your piercing is the service fee (which is taken as a deposit to book the appointment) and the jewelry price that you choose + HST. Jewelry starts at $35, so there won’t be any surprises. 


We have lots of jewelry to choose from to suit every style and personality so come chat with us and book an appointment today!