True love or just truly right now? Getting matching couple tattoos, name or partner’s ‘mark’ as a permanent tattoo may be fine and dandy years into your marriage, and commitment with a capital C is noted. For others, this endearing gesture may be too soon.

We take a look at this further and whether the idea of matching tattoos, in the long run, is a good idea. Plus, some celebs who took the plunge with matching ink, with some good and bad outcomes. 

Are couple tattoos a good idea?

Opinions on getting ink done are usually split right down the middle: you’re either for them or against them. The fact that tattoos are a body modification that can be seen as a permanent change to your body causes a lot of controversy. But some types of ink spark more controversy than others. 

One of the more controversial tattoo types? Couple tattoos. 

Let’s start with why they could be a good idea. Many couples stay pretty happy about their couples’ tattoos and use them as a type of permanent keepsake which reminds them of their favourite person. Making sure you get one with the right person is the first step to making sure that your couples tattoo is a good idea. It can be a great bonding experience and way for you to share something passionate with your partner that expresses your love for each other. 

On the other hand, couples who rush into getting matching ink together might have a bumpy road ahead. And those who separate later on need to decide whether they want to cover up their tattoo or if they want to get it permanently removed. Depending on how big the tattoo is, this could be a major problem. 

Tips for Getting Couples Tattoos

The first step to making sure you get a couples tattoo that you don’t regret is to be in a healthy relationship. Sometimes, couples choose to get tattoos to try and light a spark again between them. This is obviously not a good idea, as there is a greater chance that the relationship won’t last. 

Try not to choose stereotypical couples tattoo ideas, like your names or anniversary dates, as these are cliched ideas that you might end up regretting in the future. We recommend that you base your choice off of something that the two of you love, like a shared interest or hobby. It doesn’t always have to be a word, letter or numbers, it can also be a beautiful image. 

Avoid going with matching couple tattoo ideas, as you are more likely to regret it if you do break up. You can still get something that is meaningful to both of you, but it can be customized so that no one has the exact same piece. This allows you to give new meaning to the image if your relationship goes south. This would be impossible if the tattoos were of your anniversary date or your names.

If you are absolutely certain you want to get matching tattoos with your significant other, then try and start with an idea that is simple and small. This way, if the worst case scenario happens and you split, it will be fairly easy to cover up with something else or have it removed altogether. And lastly, you should never partake in couples tattoos while drunk. 

Celebrities With Couple Tattoos

An article about couples tattoos wouldn’t be complete without talking about the celebrities who get them. Several stars often get tattoos to signify a romantic relationship, significant friendship or to symbolize their role in a television show or film.

Here are a few examples of celebrities who have gotten matching tattoos as couples:

Ayesha and Stepehen Curry have gotten two sets of matching tattoos. The first set was back in 2016 of two small arrows which point at one another which represent staying in the moment. They got the second set in 2019 which consisted of a geometric wolf, butterfly and unicorn to honor their three children.

Victoria and David Beckham have many matching tattoos, but most notably is the one they got on their sixth wedding anniversary. It’s a hebrew phrase, when translated it says “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. David has his placed on his left arm and Victoria has hers running down her spine. 

Mily Cyrus and Liam Hmesworth got tattoos of a Theodore Roosevelt quote while they were dating back in 2012. Liam’s quote reads “If he fails, at least fails while daring greatly,” and Cyrus’ continues the quote with “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

Lastly, former couple and co-parents Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have a matching pair of tiny butterflies to seemingly represent Scott’s single “Butterfly Effect”. The pair got their tattoos on their ankles before their daughter was born in 2018. 

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