Whether it’s to enhance your pectorals or just to have enough canvas to create something significant and unique, chest tattoos can be a striking design. We detail just how much it hurts, what you should wear, and some ideas to make your tattoo a remarkable one.

Chest Tattoos: The Basics

Chest tattoos are a great option if you’re looking to get a larger piece but still want to be able to hide it away beneath clothing when you want or need to. The chest is close to our heart and other vital organs, which can make it a more intimate area to get tattooed. Chest tattoos are usually themed around romantic ideas or around personal matters. At the same time, chest tattoos can be as easily shown off, as they can be hidden. 

Because a chest tattoo covers a large portion of skin, your tattoo artist can incorporate many small details into the piece that wouldn’t be possible on smaller areas of the body. It can also be integrated with shoulder tattoos to create a more seamless design and open the doors for more design possibilities. 

Like any other large and intricate tattoos, chest tattoos need a high level of commitment to be completed. You will have to undergo multiple sessions in the chair, and they can also come with a pretty hefty price tag. You should take this into consideration before you decide to get one. 

How much do chest tattoos hurt?

The chest can be an extremely sensitive area if you don’t have a lot of fat or muscle there. You will definitely feel the pain when getting tattooed on your chest. Plus, the skin in the area is quite thin, so you will have less padding to protect your nerves from the tattoo needle. Bony areas are usually the most painful spots to get tattooed. 

Skin that is taut is easier for a tattoo artist to work with on a chest tattoo. Since the skin is more toned it won’t move as much which helps ease pain. Compared to another individual who is bustier, the skin will be harder to work with and can cause more irritation and pain.

You also have to consider the fact that chest tattoos are larger, so they will take a longer time to finish, which means you will be in pain for a longer period of time. 

How you will experience the pain ultimately depends on your pain tolerance. Most people report getting tattoos as a constant, sharp tapping motion. It can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you need to be in the chair for a long period of time. 

What to Wear When Getting a Chest Tattoo

What you wear to your tattoo appointment depends on your level of comfort and your tattoo artist’s expectations. Some tattoo artists might be able to let you know what you should wear beforehand. This will also depend on whether you are a girl or guy. 

Sometimes it’s not recommended to wear a bra, since it can get in the way of the tattoo. In general you will want to wear clothing that is loose and flowy so that the fresh tattoo is not being restricted, without any airflow. If you’re uncomfortable with taking off your bra, then another option is to wear a sticky bra, without straps or sticky nipple covers. Wearing a spaghetti strap top is another option, that way you just need to pull the straps down but keep a majority of the top on if that makes you more comfortable. 

As for the guys, all you need to do is wear a tank top, v-neck or t-shirt if you’re okay with removing it during your session. 

Chest Tattoo Ideas

Coming up with a great idea for your chest tattoo is half the battle. Since it will cover such a large part of your body you will want to make sure that it consists of the best possible ideas and designs that suit you. 

Some of the most popular chest tattoo styles include:

Traditional Chest Tattoo

Some of the greatest chest tattoos were designed using the style of American Tradition. A traditional chest tattoo is done in a style that is classic and iconic. With American Traditional style, you can either create a large design to cover the entire area or you can opt to get smaller designs that mesh together to form the final piece. This is a great option if you have many ideas and can’t choose just one. You can incorporate pin-up girls, daggers, roses and eagles together to make a cohesive design for your Traditional tattoo. 

Geometric and Ornamental Chest Tattoo

Sticking with some basic shapes and intricate geometric designs have created some wicked cool chest designs over the years. Geometric and ornamental chest pieces are some of the most sought after designs because they are beautiful and they work very well with the natural contours of the body.

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