Celebrity Tattoos with iconic backstories. When a celebrity gets a tattoo, we may not even think about the backstory behind the ink. This short but fun piece will look at some celebrity tattoos and the fun, strange or unique reason this star went for the specific ink design.

Pamela Anderson

When Pamela Anderson scored the lead role in 1995’s Barb Wire she decided to kick things up a notch by getting a barbed wire tattoo to commemorate her role. She said that rather than have a makeup artist paint it onto her arm each day of filming, she would rather just go ahead and get it done for real. 

She was also quoted saying, “I love it. I think it’s very feminine for barbed wire.” Well a few decades later, it seems like Anderson changed the tune of her whistle. In 2014, Anderson was reported to be in the middle of a long and expensive process of getting this tattoo removed. 

Miley Cyrus

Like many other pet owners, Miley Cyrus decided to get a tattoo to remember her dog Floyd. Now while getting a pet tattoo is not uncommon, the controversy begins with what else is included with it. In a speech bubble coming from the dog’s mouth, it says “With a little help from my fwends”. This phrase made a lot of people lose their marbles, well the word “fwends” did. 

We speculate that it is just an inside joke between friends in Cyrus’ friend group. But, inside jokes and word spellings like that don’t age well. And many of her fans were quick to point that out. 

Kendall Jenner

In 2016, a N.Y.C-based tattoo artist shared a picture of Kendall Jenner showcasing the new ink he had given her… on the inside of her mouth. Well, the inside of her lip to be exact. In tiny black letters the hidden message spells out: “meow”.

Now, you might be thinking “why?” And it turns out both you and Jenner are confused by her small tattoo decision. On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jenner answered the question of why with a pretty reasonable answer: she was drunk!

Let this be a lesson to avoid going anywhere near a tattoo parlour if you’re a little intoxicated.

Post Malone

Post Malone is known for his hit singles, but also for his distinct look. His face is covered in tattoos. The hip-hop star has “Stay Away” tattooed above his right eyebrow, “Always Tired” on his cheekbones, and barbed wire along his hairline just to name a few.

When asked about them, Post expressed his feelings of insecurity in his looks as part of the reason why he got them. He said he wanted to be able to look in the mirror and say that “he looked cool” and that he hoped the tattoos would give him a “modicum of self-confidence” when it comes to his appearance. 

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