“No regrets…” It’s not just a possible mantra you can get tattooed. In this fun piece, we look at some celebrity tattoo regret. These are celebs who have vocally mentioned that they have some regrets about their tattoo choices. We’ll also give you some tips to finding the proper tattoo studio and artist for you, so you don’t end up like these regretful celebrities.

Some Celebrities With Tattoos They Regret

Even celebrities aren’t perfect, and what can seem like a good idea one day will soon turn into a severe regret later. 

This small selection of the many celebrity tattoos that spawned tattoo regret should demonstrate how things can go wrong when it comes to inking.

  • Nicki Minaj shows how time can change your perspectives on your tattoo. The Grammy nominee got a tattoo with Chinese characters reading “God is with me always” on her arm – when she was only 16! These days she believes that it’s best to wait at least a few more years before choosing something permanent, like a tattoo. 
  • Hailey Baldwin / Hailey Beiber is no stranger to getting inked, boasting thirty small tattoos across her body. The supermodel loves most of them and has a youthful choice she regrets – a tattoo of a handgun she got at age 18. These days she finds the tattoo idea too violent: this shows that even if you love most of your tattoos, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a lousy inking choice.
  • Pamela Anderson proves that sometimes you can go too far for a job. Anderson was tired of applying a fake tattoo of barbed wire on her upper arm for a 1995 movie role and decided to get a permanent tattoo of it to simplify matters. The following regret lasted for nineteen years before she finally committed to getting tattoo removal.

More Celebrity Tattoo Regrets

  • Angelina Jolie can show how it’s generally a bad idea to get the name of anyone living tattooed on you. Her tattoo with the name of her husband, Billy Bob Thorton, started to become a regret after their divorce, and she had the ink removed.
  • Denise Richards was in a similar situation, with a tattoo bearing her ex-husband’s name on her ankle – Charlie Sheen. We can understand her tattoo regret in this case! Instead of getting it removed entirely, she covered it up with an awesome fairy tattoo. 
  • Ariana Grande shows us that you have to be careful when designing tattoos to avoid regret. The musician got a tattoo that read “7 Rings” in Japanese, just like the title of her hit song. There was a bit of a snag, though – lousy translation ended up making the tattoo read “Japanese BBQ Grill:” this led to some understandable regret and the need for a touch-up. 

How To Avoid Tattoo Regret

Don’t want to end up like any of these unfortunate celebrities? There are a few ways to avoid tattoo regret. 

First and foremost, you have to make sure that you have a trustworthy tattoo studio. A responsible shop will make sure not to give out tattoos to the young or intoxicated and carefully walk through your tattoo ideas.

There are some generally good pieces of advice to avoid tattoo regret. In general, try to avoid the names of faces of any living person, barring maybe your kids. It sounds pessimistic, but you shouldn’t commemorate any relationship that could suddenly stop existing. Matching tattoos or tattoos in someone’s honour may also be something to think fondly about before going for it.

You also need to be careful with proofreading when it comes to text, especially in another language. Get a friend or language specialist to do your spellchecking for you. 

No matter what, do your homework on the shop you’re going to, and see if their artists’ portfolios look professional. It’s not enough to just google “tattoo artist near me” and get to it. Research is your friend! 

Plus, even a celebrity tattoo artist can get it wrong with access to money, wealth, and fame. Look into an artist that’s right for you, not just their resume.

Still Regretful? Try A Cover Up

Is it too late for you? Did you already get a tattoo that’s turning into a nightmare? Sometimes it’s best to fight fire with fire – or in this case, ink with ink. A well-placed cover-up tattoo can provide permanent concealment to your shameful decision. 

Want to Learn More?

At Sage Tattoo, we’re proud to connect our clients with the best tattoo artists in Ottawa! We do our best to avoid any kind of tattoo regret. If you want a tattoo you’ll always love, or need some cover-up help with a past mistake, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to answer any of your inquiries!