Are you looking for your next big tattoo? Proud of your legs and want more people to notice them? Then it’s time to start thinking about leg sleeves.

When people talk sleeves, the mind tends to jump to arms – and we love a good arm sleeve. On the other hand, leg sleeves don’t get nearly as much love, which we think is a crime! 

If you’re thinking about getting a leg sleeve or any tattoo below the waist, this appreciation piece is for you.

Why we love leg sleeves, and you should too!

It’s a large canvas area.

If you’re looking for a big tattoo and don’t want to tattoo your back or arm (or maybe you already have), a leg sleeve allows your imagination to run wild. You can achieve a beautiful flow with a tattoo that starts at the ribs or hip and progresses smoothly down the thigh or connect individual tattoos going down the leg. 

Whether you want a full-leg sleeve that goes all the way down to your ankle or foot or just one on your upper thigh, you’ll be turning heads when warm weather hits. This brings us to our next point…

You’ll cut a striking figure.

Are you looking to make a statement that turns heads? Or have a guaranteed conversation starter on your body? Get a leg sleeve! 

Large leg-sleeve tattoos showcase your genuine commitment to the art of tattooing. Plus, a leg sleeve allows for the ultimate expression on the outside of who you are on the inside. There’s nothing more special than working with your tattoo artist to develop a canvas that’s truly unique to you and says something about you to the world.

Can be discrete for the workplace

You love your tattoos, but unfortunately, we’re all put in situations where we have to make compromises for people who won’t – particularly at work or church. 

While a full arm sleeve can be tricky to cover effectively in warmer weather, a leg sleeve is much easier to cover with a nice pair of pants all year round.

Leg Sleeve Ideas For Your Tattoo

When designing a sleeve for your arm or leg, it’s essential to consider the entire canvas – how the tattoo should flow around the limb and joints and what aspects you want to be on the front vs. the back.

It is fun to work with a tattoo artist to help design your tattoo. Even if you don’t have the entire design in mind, they can help brainstorm with you to transform your desire into a gorgeous design appropriate to your body type that you’ll appreciate for the rest of your life.

Here are a couple of ideas for women and men if you’re looking for inspiration.

Tattoo ideas for creating custom art

Common tattoo designs for women and men include:

  • Henna
  • Flowers / Roses
  • A Quote
  • An animal
  • Tribal tattoo
  • A portrait
  • Realism
  • Geometric patterns
  • Cultural
  • Tribal
  • Traditional
  • Old School

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