November 29, 2021

Cartilage Piercings in TV Shows


TV characters have always inspired style and fashion trends. Some of our favourite characters and cool-looking extras from TV shows show off cartilage piercings that make us wish we had them! In this post, we’ll look at some famous TV characters who wear cartilage piercings to give you some inspiration for your next piercing.

So, what is a Cartilage Piercing?

A cartilage piercing is a piercing in the cartilage part of your body. The most common spots are the upper ear, but some nose piercings could also go through the cartilage. Cartilage has fewer nerve endings than other parts of your body, so it is not usually as painful to pierce. Cartilage piercings should always be done with a needle, not a piercing gun that is only designed for soft tissue.

It is also important to know that cartilage piercings take longer to heal than other body piercings, usually between 4 and 8 months to heal fully. Because the cartilage heals from the skin inwards or from the outside in, it may seem that your hole is healed before it actually is. It is essential to keep your new piercing clean and keep from playing with it so it can fully heal.

TV Characters with Cartilage Piercings

Here are some of our favourite tv characters who have inspired us through the years with their cartilage piercings.

  1. Daria:  Jane Lane, Axl

Daria is an animated adult sitcom on MTV created by Glen Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn that ran from 1997 to 2002. It is a spin-off from MTV’s popular animated series Beavis and Butthead – where Daria appeared as a recurring character. The show is about smart and sarcastic Daria, a teenager with low self-esteem and her experiences trying to fly under the radar at Lawndale High School.

Daria’s best friend is a character named Jane who is equally sarcastic but carries herself with more punk rock style. Jane has short black hair, blue eyes and wears three tiny hoop earrings in her right ear – inspiring many women in the late ’90s to get their own cartilage piercing. Jane is an individual who can fit in if she wants to – like joining the track team, even if it is only to get out of going to gym class.

Axl is another character from Daria. He is the owner/operator of Axl’s Piercing Parlor and sports his own cartilage piercing. He has a dirty and scruffy appearance, speaks with a lower-class British cockney accent, and has a less than high care for hygiene.

  1. One Piece: Zoro

On the hit anime One Piece created by Eiichiro Oda, the character Zoro, or otherwise known as Roronoa Zoro, also nicknamed “Pirate Hunter,” Zoro, wears a fetching cartilage piercing. In the story, he is a master swordsman who is among the four most powerful combatants of the Straw Hats and is the first to join Monkey D. Luffy after being saved from being executed at the Marine Base.

  1. She’s Gotta Have It: Nola Darling

She’s Gotta Have It is a tv series based on the film by Spike Lee. It features artist Nola Darling in a gentrified Brooklyn as she juggles her three lovers in open relationships. Actress DeWanda Wise plays Nola in the series. We love her look and Nola’s cartilage piercing that shows off her artistic aesthetic.

  1. American Horror Story:

Marie Laveau 

American Horror Story has made its name through its complex and multidimensional characters and none more memorable than Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Played by the gorgeous Angela Basset, Marie Laveau became immortal and used the powers granted by Papa Legba to get her revenge on her enemies.

In the 19th Century, Marie wears elegant long dresses, and in modern-day New Orleans, she dresses in colourful clothes with vintage hairstyles and a gorgeous cartilage piercing.

Liz Taylor 

Liz Taylor is a transgender bartender played by Dennis O’Hare in the Hotel Season of American Horror Story. She works in the Blue Parrot Lounge at the Hotel Cortez. Through the season, Liz got to know everyone’s secrets and learned to love herself and find the courage to be herself, which included some gorgeous dresses and cartilage piercing.

  1. Dear White People: Samantha White

Dear White People is a television series and film about students of colour navigating life at an Ivy League college. The series and the film that it was based on touches on issues surrounding modern American race relations through a progressive lens.

Samantha While, played by actress Tessa Thompson, ​​is an attending media student at Winchester University, and Head of House Armstrong-Parker, and the leading activist and speaker for the Black Student Union. She is an outspoken, strong-willed woman who takes pride in her work as a black activist in a very white environment and sports a gorgeous cartilage piercing.

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