Some body piercings don’t come with much of a commitment – if an earring doesn’t suit you, you can take it out. 

Other piercings, however, are a bit harder to leave behind and might cause you a lot of regrets later if you decide they aren’t your style. From stretching to scarring, we’ll help guide you by determining how much of a genuine commitment a particular piece of body jewelry can be over time.

Will the Body Jewelry Stretch the Piercing?

Most small piercings don’t cause much stretching of the skin, and after removing the piercing, the skin quickly returns to normal. 

However, larger piercings may leave you with permanently stretched skin. An excellent example of this is the holes left behind by oversized plugs or “spacers,” which can take a long time to return to their regular shape (if they do). You should take some time to consider if you’re going for these kinds of lobe plugs than a more traditional earring.

Septum Piercings

Cartilage is a tricky space to navigate. For example, if the spacing is too large with a nose piercing, it could lead to a stretch septum and a permanently altered shape to the nose.

A nostril piercing, like a nose stud, can be easily removed with little or no scarring. A septum piercing, which pierces the nasal septum, or the bit between your nostril, can also see little to no scarring, based on the size and body jewelry. 

For any piercing, carefully consider the size you are going for, and consult with whoever is doing your piercing to judge how impactful it will be. Sometimes, less is more. 

Will My Body Piercing Scar?

Another side effect you need to be on the lookout for is scarring due to a piercing. 

Piercing the soft parts of your body that quickly heal, like earlobes, rarely leads to scarring. However, directly piercing the flesh is much more likely to lead to scarring. Any piercing can scar if you have a severe allergic reaction to the metal. 

Cartilage Piercings

Any piercing that goes through cartilage, such as cartilage on the ear, may heal in an uneven or bumpy manner. 

For example, a helix earring or a helix piercing may lead to a hypertrophic scar when removed. A daith piercing, which goes through the ear’s inner cartilage fold, can also hold the same risk. Same with a conch piercing, which pierces the curved or spinal middle of the ear.

Again, this comes from cartilage not healing as well as other body tissue. The good news is, these scars can shrink with time. Alternatively, if you have long hair or feel that the ear is a small area of the body where a spot is not noticeable, this factor may not be too concerning for you.

Even piercings that you don’t think are a risk for scarring may have some side effects. Tongue piercings, for example, can bump and scrape against the gums and teeth, leading to scarred gums or chipped teeth. 

No-Sweat Choices

Maybe you’re an indecisive person – or you just can’t see yourself falling in love with a piercing forever. What are your options for body piercings that won’t leave you with any long-term effects on your body? 

  • Small lobe earrings are a classic and always a good choice for body jewelry with low risks of having downsides. You can easily spice it up with some cool and crazy earring designs.
  • Nose Piercings can also be a good choice as long as you avoid the septum. Small nose rings or studs can add some flair with minimal fuss. Keep in mind, with COVID, certain shops may not be doing nose piercings. It’s always best to inquire beforehand.

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