With a lot of emphasis on putting our best foot forward, it might surprise some to know that, like the mullet’s return, some prefer the party to be in the back. In this piece, we detail certain types of back dimple piercings, the importance of quality jewelry in the healing process, and of course, questions like “how painful is a back dermal piercing?” answered.

What is a back dermal piercing?

Dermal piercings are known as “single-point surface piercings.” When you get a back dermal piercing, it is located either on your lower back “dimples” or just above your butt. 

These type of piercings are unlike your normal ear cartilage and belly button piercings. 

Dermal piercings are harder to change, clean and care for because they do not go through your skin. They sit embedded inside of the dermis layer using an anchor to keep it in place. There is no exit point. 

How do dermal piercings work?

If you’re squeamish, you might want to skip this part!

The first step when getting a dermal piercing involves the piercer sterilizing the area. Next, your piercing technician will use either a dermal punch to remove a small tube of flesh or a needle to make an L-shaped pouch. Then, using dermal forceps, an anchor with a footed or round base is inserted into the area. Lastly, your jewelry artist will screw in the piece on the dermal top of the post. 

Dermal Anchors

Since a dermal piercing needs to be inserted into your skin, it needs something to hold it down. The anchor does just that and holds the piercing in the proper place.

How painful is a back piercing?

It definitely will hurt! Your piercer will be pushing an instrument deep into your skin, then an anchor through, as well. 

The amount of pain you feel is subjective and will depend on your pain level or tolerance. According to others, getting a back piercing is pretty painful, but just for a second. Finding a skilled piercer will help reduce the pain, and you can go into your appointment stress-free.

Types of Jewelry for Lower Back Piercings

Any anchors with tops are the top choice for a back dermal piercing since the wearer can swap out the tops with any sort of premium jewelry they wish: this means you can switch out your jewelry without needing to change the anchor.


Another option available is a type of jewelry called a diver. Divers have a pointed end base that sits underneath the skin with a decorative top. This is inserted into a hole in the tissue left by the dermal punch. 

Using a diver will result in minor bleeding, but it will not be interchangeable, limiting your jewelry options. 

Whichever you decide to go with, you must choose only high-quality materials to reduce the risk of any complications. This can mean allergic reactions or the piercing getting rejected by your body. The following materials are the best for your back dermal piercing:

  • Implant-grade titanium
  • Niobium
  • Implant-grade steel
  • 14-karat or higher gold

The Cost of A Back Dermal Piercing

Back dimple piercings can start around $80 each. Sometimes, a trusted tattoo or piercing shop won’t include the jewelry in the price. 

Caring for Your Back Dimple Piercing

Dermal piercings need major TLC, plain and simple. They can easily snag, bump and tug, which can be pretty painful. 

It’s essential to keep in mind that even if you do everything right to care for it, your body can just outright reject it after a while. You can tell when your body rejects the piercing because it will slowly start to eject from your skin. 

To make sure that it lasts as long as possible, you need to make sure you keep it as clean as possible each day using antibacterial soap and trying not to touch it. It will essentially be an open surgical incision, so you don’t want to gunk it up with fancy soaps and lotions.

You might want to invest in grabbing some saline solution that you can dab onto your piercing a few times a day. Cleaning the area until it’s fully healed means avoiding irritation or infection to the piercing sitting on the surface.

If you exercise or play any sports, you must be extra careful during every activity. We recommend placing a breathable bandage over the top of your piercing and wearing loose clothing that won’t pressure the pierced area. 

Get Back Dimple Piercing at Ottawa’s Sage Tattoo and Art Gallery

With any piercing, but especially dermal piercings, you’ll want to go to an experienced piercing parlour, with a professional piercer, like Sage Tattoo and Art Gallery in Ottawa. 

Our piercers are dedicated to providing services with the highest hygiene standards. We can also help you decide what piercings and jewelry types are right for you. 

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