Anime is a form of entertainment and art that has allured millions of enthusiastic watchers from all over the world. It’s led to the inspiration of a vast amount of tattoos, and even artists who have specializations in anime-related tattoos. Just how when people look up “Tattoo shop Ottawa”, people typically are looking to get anime tattoos inked on their body because of our previous tattoo jobs. Take a look at some anime tattoo concepts that’s inspired millions.

What is Anime

Anime is a hugely popular cartoon genre all over the world that originated in Japan. Some hardcore fans of anime have dedicated their lives to showing how much they love it. That includes showing off their dedication through body art. 

For years, anime originated in Japan. It had a distinct look and feel to the artwork, the storytelling, themes and concepts. But over the last few decades, it has become a huge international phenomenon, attracting millions of fans and becoming translated into many different languages for people all over the world to watch and enjoy. Whole generations in the Western world have now grown up with anime, and are passing it down to their own children. 

Anime tends to be lumped together when people don’t understand exactly what it is. And some might simply think of it as a genre but it isn’t. No more than animation is a genre. Rather, it is a description of how the material is produced. Anime shows, just like books or movies, can fall into any number of different categories like comedy, drama, sci-fi, adventure, horror, etc. 

Many anime fans will say that anime is “different”. Anime is not the same as many other American-style cartoons like Batman or Spiderman. These differences are what sets it apart, and can include the artwork, the way they tell the stories, the breadth of material and the cultural nuances portrayed by the characters. 

Type of Anime

Did you know that there are a lot of different types of anime? The five main types of anime are known as shonen, shoko, seinen, josei and kodomomuke. Each of the different types of anime focuses on a specific target population of viewers. They are not genres. 

In particular, shonen anime is a category of anime made specifically to appeal to younger boys. It usually features the main character, normally a male, who has muscles, martial arts abilities, and the ability to enhance their strength throughout the story. Characters that fit into this style include Goku from Dragon Ball Z, or Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. 

One major character trait for these characters is their appreciation for their friends and loved ones and their willingness to fight for them and for what is right. Shonen anime is one of the most popular categories of anime out there. And this category is probably the one you are most familiar with, outside of being an anime fanatic. 

Anime Tattoo Ideas

Here are some of the best anime tattoo ideas that pay serious tribute to some of the most popular anime series and feature films on the internet. 

Dragon Ball Z Tattoos

First up is the wildly popular series Dragon Ball Z. it is an anime series that first started airing from 1989 to 1996, then there was a second round of episodes of the series which aired from 2009 to 2011 and continued on from 2015.

Dragon Ball Z is considered a childhood classic for countless young adults. It is a shonen anime that focuses on a boy named Goku and his friends as they defend the Earth against evildoers and other creatures from the big universe. Dragon Ball Z is one of the most familiar anime series out there, with some of the most recognizable names in anime cartoons. Many people are familiar with them, even if they have never seen the show before.

Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon is one of the most popular anime series and franchises in the world, first airing in 1997, fans continue to enjoy spin-offs and new episodes and games from the series even today. For over 20 years, millions of people have been taken by Pokemon fever and the release of every game from the series has helped keep it in the limelight all of these years. 

One of the best aspects of Pokemon as tattoo inspiration is the fact that there are endless amounts of pokemon and characters to choose from, which makes getting a Pokemon-inspired tattoo a truly open-ended experience (some people get pokemon sleeves done). There are over 700 different Pokemon across all of the titles for pokemon tattoos, each with its own unique character and attitude. What’s your favorite pocket monster you’d get as a pokémon tattoo? 

Sailor Moon Tattoos

If you were a girl growing up in the 90’s there’s a pretty high chance that you are familiar with the truly iconic Sailor Moon series. The show follows Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scout friends as they transform from regular school girls into alter egos that fight off the dark forces who are trying to do evil, in order to save the Solar System. The show ran from 1991 to 1997, which made a huge cultural impact on the 90’s generation that has lasted even up until now. It was one of the most major times that female crime fighters took center stage, and have continued to do so since the show’s humble beginnings. 

There are a whole lot of options out there for Sailor Moon tattoo designs, and there is a huge variety of anime tattoos dedicated to Sailor Moon that you can draw your own inspiration from. The symbols that represent each sailor scout are one popular choice, as well as Sailor Moon’s crystal wand. Or, even the main girl herself, Sailor Moon, posing in her signature post-transformation pose would be an awesome choice and tribute. 

Inuyasha Tattoos

Inuyasha is another nostalgic classic for anime fans across the world and a favorite character for many. To this day, people still cosplay the characters, draw fan art, write fan fiction, and, you guessed it, get tattoos to commemorate a character or icon from the show. There are many different objects and memorable characters from Inuyasha, so that makes for great inspiration when it comes to tattoos. 

Kagome is the main character of the show, she ends up traveling back from modern-day Tokyo, Japan and ends up in feudal era Japan with the rest of the iconic characters. Kagome is a popular choice for a tattoo. The sacred jewel, a powerful magic item that the show is largely based on, and an arrow are also popular choices for tattoos, because in the show the addition of the jewel or a shard of the jewel to a person’s body gives them powers. An arrow is Kagome’s weapon of choice in the show, she is an archer. 

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